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Carpet Cleaning

Carpeted floors are beautiful and they will transform any room making it feel cosy and look stylish, however, in order to make sure the carpet looks good at all times you need to deep clean it every few months. Our service will ensure that your carpet is spotless and free of all impurities as well as germs.

Your Vacuum Cleaner Is Not Enough

Many people think that vacuuming their carpets is enough but, unfortunately, that’s wrong. Of course, it’s still an important part of maintaining your carpet clean and removing any larger debris and dirt, however, it will not deep clean it and remove all the dirt and dust hiding at the base of the carpet. If these impurities aren’t regularly removed, over time, the carpet will start to lose its appeal and it will become covered in discolouration and dirty patches.

Another pretty common misconception is that using natural ingredients to clean your carpet is a good option, however, they will most likely make an even bigger mess and will damage the fibres. DIY cleaners are not suitable for treating stains or deep cleaning any carpet which is we do not suggest it.

That is why we have designed our Carpet Cleaning Service – a deep cleaning that will get rid of any dirt, dust, debris, impurities, and even germs that are trapped without damaging the fibres!

What Does Our Service Include?

Our team is fully trained in cleaning carpets since it’s a very tricky job. We use one of the best cleaning methods out there that are both powerful and gentle and won’t cause any damage to the fibres. It’s called hot water extraction. We will apply steam which will literally extract all of the impurities leaving you with a spotless carpet. This method is also great at removing stains and discolouration.

Since we do not use any harsh chemicals or detergents that contain any toxic ingredients in them, this service is perfect if you have pets or kids.